Together we can change the world.



To do our work in the places we go, everything costs money.  From flying in a volunteer, their visa, and insurance; to the vehicles that bring them to the clinics and fuel for those vehicles. Generators for power, extra water on those 128-degree days, or the power of a cold Coke after an incredibly difficult day.  Big or small, it all counts and we make sure it is all spent where it should be. You can see details of our financials here.



We will always take help with fundraising.  Maybe you know someone that has a business or restaurant that would help put on an event.  Possible your corporation could help us with annual donations.  Please email us with any and all ideas on helping us further expand GRM. 


Spread the Word

Word of mouth is the greatest advertising possible.  Please share, like, comment, post, tweet, and snap about Global Response Management.  Help us get the word out about what we do and what we are about. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world.



GRM is always looking at new deployments and missions as the world is constantly changing. Click the link below to learn more about volunteering for GRM and submit and application when you’re ready.



As GRM expands operations, we find that it is usually easier to purchase supplies like gauze, Ace wraps, IV's, Tape, syringes, cleaning supplies and gloves in the country of our response.  However many of these countries don't have the more technical stuff that is very important to our mission. Trauma Supplies: Hemostatic agents, IO's, Tourniquets, chest seals, headlamps, PPE, and trauma sheers are all nearly impossible to find overseas.  Email us with any questions regarding sending medical or other supplies.