We’re happy to announce: it’s finally here! Global Response Management is now an officially tax-exempt charitable organization. For you, our supporters, this means anything you donated after our filing date (January 26th) is tax deductible.

As we said in our September newsletter, Mosul, Tel Afar, and Hawija operations are now over, we are prepping and planning for the future, as well as making GRM sustainable (overhead costs) for time between operations. We are committed to our mission of bringing pre-hospital trauma care in high-risk, low resource areas – your continued support helps us do that.

GRM was the pioneering organization in the implementation and operation of the Trauma Stabilization Points during the Mosul operation. Beginning in October 2016, we built our organization from the ground up with nothing but donations, successfully creating a 501c3 registered NGO that has deployed teams to the front lines for nearly the last year for Mosul, Tel Afar, and Hawija. Though we are a young organization, we have stabilized and transported thousands of patients on a minimal budget. We are a tried and tested team that is resourceful, passionate, and dedicated to the cause, whose exponential growth over the past year from a few individuals to a organized and structured NGO cannot be understated.

You, our supporters are an essential part of our team. Thank you for following along – more updates soon!

“We believe everyone deserves the best care on the worst day of their lives.” 
 – Executive Director, Pete Reed