Dear Friends,

Thank you for checking in on our work here at Global Response Management! Our core staff is still here in Erbil, and we’re working hard planning, vetting volunteers, and responding to the most recent operation in the battles against ISIS.

Our teams were present throughout the Mosul Operation, running Trauma Stabilization Points and transferring the wounded along the Trauma Referral Pathway every step of the way. The operation to re-take Mosul finished in late July, and we quickly moved to the next stage: Tel Afar.

In the weeks before the battle started, GRM’s team helped provide food, water, and referrals to the thousands of displaced families fleeing the city. The quick moving battle proved to be shorter than anticipated, lasting just over two weeks, during which GRM treated civilian and military casualties alike.

In the space between battles, there was still work to be done. Thanks to our team doctor, Dr Azeez, we were able connect with Mosul General, the largest hospital in the city. Teaching a group of over forty doctors and  nurses, our Paramedics Monir and Walter led seminars on Sepsis and Infection Control, Airway Control, and Rapid Trauma Assessment.

The next battle in line is Hawija. A small and diverse city south of Erbil and west of Kirkuk, Hawija is one of the last areas to be cleared of ISIS – and GRM deployed and staffed a team in the field for the first stage of the operation. Despite in-country political tensions, GRM will continue to provide trauma stabilization where and when it is needed. Please follow along on social media as we continue our efforts in the next stages of battle.

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