All in the Family


Hey friends and family,

Happy new year from all of us here at Global Response Management. Hopefully you spent some great time with whatever is important to you and yours over the holidays, and are rested and ready to take on 2019.

Dr Quinn – Medical Director

Dr Quinn is a great friend from our days in Mosul: he worked at one of our partner organizations, and made sure our stable patients we delivered to him remained alive. Dr Quinn has been helping us enhance our medical protocols, and providing overall awesome direction in helping GRM build a more robust medical response.

Andy – Operations Support

Say hello to Andy, another friend from Mosul and former British Army Medic who is helping us with our medical protocols and operations planning. Andy has worked in hotspots around the globe including Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak, creating the first ever Ebola ward for pregnant patients. He has since developed several management systems in the humanitarian world and worked as an emergency health advisor.

In addition to being this awesome, he’s also a keen mountaineer and an excellent chef, even in remote places.


Sandy & Liz  – Communications & Personell Support

What most people don’t know is how much behind the scenes work goes into making GRM tick. While Helen and myself (Alex) have long done much of the promotion, report writing, messaging with you all (who we love!), we’re also both full time nurses who needed a bit of help. So we brought in these three awesome women to give us a hand with everything from creating infographics, producing this newsletter, and sorting through emails of potential volunteers, and thank you’s. Say hello to Sandy, Liz, and Marcella.

Sandy is a junior creative lead at an advertising agency in Dubai, and is expanding her writing experience on Middle Eastern issues, active in the community and her city.


Liz is a photojournalist with a background in Anthropology, Archeology, and Middle Eastern Studies – and has experience in and a love for Yemen.

*Internship Alert*
While these great people have helped us a great deal, there is one area we could still use some support: FINANCE. If any of you out there have experience in Accounting or Finance and have about 5 hours a week on hand and you’d like to support us, our bomb Business Manager Candy would love to have you. Shoot me an email at