Dear friends,

Whatever your connections to Global Response Management, be it as a colleague, donor, family member, social media watcher, or past, present or future volunteer, we consider all of you part of our community. This is the first of a monthly newsletter about the goings-on here at GRM.

GRM was born out of the desire to provide frontline, first response medical care to those in need – no matter the patient population or situation. Our Executive Director and co founder, Pete Reed, saw the visible and measurable gaps in pre-hospital care during the battle for Mosul. The urban warfare created nearly impossible working conditions for many international NGOs, many of whom provide specialized surgical care, but could not deploy teams versed in prehospital trauma care close enough to the front line.

Created to bring cohesiveness to a number of smaller NGOs trying to make a difference, GRM drew from a diverse roster of experienced medical professionals. Paramedics like Carlo with Tactical Combat Casualty Care experience, Critical Care Nurses like Kyirsti, and Emergency Department physicians like Dr. Brecknell built our Trauma Stabilization Points capable of mass casualty triage, high quality patient care, and timely transport of patients to higher levels of care.

What does this mean for all of you? It means because of your support, we were able to save thousands of lives during the battle for Mosul. This battle is nearly over, but there are more to come in the near future, and our teams will be here to respond.

To do this, we need your help. Global Response Management is an officially registered NGO (with our 501c3 confirmation in process), always open to qualified new volunteers, monetary donations, and supplies. Our global community is a critical part of our work in the field, and we thank you for your support. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, and please follow us on social media and spread the word!



The Team at Global Response Management

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Images by Alex Potter (1,2) Claire Thomas (3,4)