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GRM is currently partnered with Team Help, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing pre-hospital emergency medicine training to rural fire, medical and safety personnel in remote areas of Central and South America.

While major industrial countries have advanced transport systems and emergency response efforts to help save lives, remote areas of developing nations often struggle with the delayed transport times and length of travel required to get emergently ill or injured patients to advanced medical care.

Our training program works with local medical personnel, EMS, Fire and Safety personnel to provide critically needed training such as: CPR, First Aid, Trauma Assessment and Care, and Prolonged Field Care to personnel living in remote areas of Central and South America. Our Trainings are free to local communities and are funded by generous grants and personal donations. 

To learn more about our work in Central/South America, or to inquire about how to support this program further, please email


Team help

Currently we are supporting a local organization, Team Help, in providing crucial pre-hospital emergency medical training.

free training

Generous grants and personal donations have allowed us to provide free medical training to local communities.