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In the fall of 2017, political unrest led to military operations in southern Myanmar that targeted over 1 million Rohingya Muslims. The persecution of the Rohingya people led them to flee to neighboring Bangladesh. Currently over 900,000 people call home to the series of refugee camps located just west of Myanmar in Cox Bazaar, Bangladesh. In July of 2018, GRM assisted our partner organization Global Outreach Doctors in evaluating the camp and the needs for a pre-hospital emergency management system. 

On top of the refugee crisis plaguing south Bangladesh- many rural areas of the country struggle with access to basic healthcare. In the Shariatpur district of Bangladesh thousands of local villagers struggle with chronic health conditions such as: Hypertension, Diabetes, malnourishment, as well as many treatable and preventable diseases. During our time in the area, GRM and Global Outreach Doctors was able to provide basic medical care for over 500 local villagers and their families, helping them to have access to healthcare that otherwise would have been out of their reach.

In the future, GRM would love to work alongside local partners to help assist in remote areas still in desperate need of healthcare or to help provide emergency pre-hospital support to the areas of Cox Bazaar. To learn more about our efforts in Bangladesh and the Refugee camps, or to support continuing projects in this area please email:


supporting partners

In July of 2018 we supported our friends and partners at Global Outreach Doctors in evaluating a local camp’s medical situation and needs for pre-hospital emergency management.

Cox bazaar

This area of Bangladesh is home to over 900,000 Rohingya refugees from neighboring Myanmar who are in need of humanitarian assistance.